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Reset Form APPLICATION FOR AMUSEMENT ENTERTAINMENT PERMIT FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Return this completed form to DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY DIVISION OF FIRE SAFETY - PERMIT DIVISION 302 West Washington Street Room E241 Indianapolis Indiana 46204 State Form 42235 R6 / 2-10 Approved by State Board of Accounts 2010 Permit number Receipt number INSTRUCTIONS 1. Include an updated floor plan with this application* 2. If claiming exempt status include a valid 501c letter with this application*...
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Today in our hidden places series we go to an abandoned amusement park in southern Indiana it drew crowds from several nearby states in its peak but in 1937 flooding caused extensive damage and the owners decided their only option was to shut down Rose Island today Becca Castello takes us on a tour to discover what the site is like nearly 80 years later imagine the year is 1925 it's a hot summer day and one of the most popular places to go for entertainment in southern Indiana is Rose Island you can go to Rose Island today but you'll have to hike a bit through Charlestown State Park first it isn't actually an island at all it's a small Peninsula on the Indiana side of the Ohio River just across from Kentucky it gets its name from David rose who bought the property in 1923 and turned the existing small park into an amusement park with a wooden roller coaster and a merry-go-round visitors to Rose Island back in the 20s and 30s would have come in on foot on a bridge over a creek or by steamboat on the Ohio River passing through the main gates to the park so this is the original entrance people would unload they would walk up walk between either of these columns visitors sometimes came for a day but you could also write cabins for a night a week or even the whole summer and that was really kind of what initially started this park was that you know get out of the city away from all that coal and soot out into nature breathe the fresh air and and and cleanse yourself the park had a lot of attractions but no matter what you'd have to walk down the main pathway connecting both ends the paths used to have archways with light bulbs strung up between them and roses growing up the columns the State Park has recreated a few of the columns now standing where the original stood but all those stone the big limestone that you see along the edges that is the original stones that line this walkway so we are walking in the same footsteps of everyone who visited this park during its heyday just off the main path you might make your way to what's left of the dance hall flappers with their knock-knees crossing hands and flying beads dance than Charleston some of the ruins are even older than the amusement park dating back to the fern grove picnic area open during the 1880s this is what's left of a fountain and it's probably the oldest feature that's still standing now this is also tied in to one of the great urban legends with this park which there are a few and people always talked about alligators in the Fountain Park Rangers always thought the alligators were just a myth until they met a nephew of the amusement parks founder and he remembered coming here as a child and they would actually have a couple small alligators that would swim around in this almost like a moat around it the park was hit hard by the Great Depression of the 1930s but one particular attraction kept the park running a pool with cutting edge cleaning technology so this was a surface skimmer that...